Simplifying Your Heart

I haven’t written in awhile and there are a few reasons for that. But I felt that I needed to write today because writing soothes the soul.

I know it is not typical for bloggers to spell out certain things, but I feel it is important to describe myself and the things that make me who I am today. I will start with items of importance.

Here are the 3 things most important in my life right now:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Friends

Notice how I don’t list my job, belongings, vacation spots, luxury items, media/art, celebrities, politics, books, or clothing. If you would have asked me last year what 3 things topped my list, it would have looked something like this:

  • Dogs
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Elvis Presley

Why? Because I was trying to be creative! I was trying to define my personality in three words. And in the end, it doesn’t make any sense. I feel ridiculous just looking back on it. I needed a wake up call. His name is Jesus.


Now I’m not going to throw my faith in your face, but I do want to talk about why it is important to have faith. Having faith in God, family, friends, and relationships is crucial to living a carefree, happy life. Without faith, we would constantly worry and try to control our lives. Knowing my life is according to the Lord’s plan, I do my best to never worry, and to only have hope. Hope can change your life.

I used to have a saying on the wall of my childhood bedroom—it was one of those removable stickers you buy at Home Depot or Target—but the message stuck has stuck with me to today. “Pray about everything. Worry about nothing.” To me, it was the most simple, satisfying idea I had ever heard. Imagine a life with no anxiety, no worry, no panic. It might seem unrealistic, but in truth, some people can, and do live like this.

All you have to do is have faith that everything is meant to be. Everything that happens is according to God’s Plan. And when you accept that, you know he will always provide. But you must believe, pray, and love to get there.


Making friends in the world today can be a toxic business. Everyone is looking to benefit or profit off of you. Think of all the people in the world today who scout for “friends” in order to get a leg ahead in their corporate careers. Those are trivial relationships; family is forever.

The unconditional love that comes from your parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc., is a very hard thing to break. And while it can seem so easy to get annoyed or frustrated with those that are closest to you, just remember that at the end of the day, they will love you no matter what. We should all be kind to our families and remember to shower them with as much love as we expect in return.

In a few short months, I will move to another state to stay close to my parents. They’ve stood by my side for 26 years. It is time I stand by theirs.


For some, making friends is incredibly easy. They could literally sit on a park bench and in an hour they’d likely have 5 new friends. But for others, making friends is incredibly challenging. I am an “other.” I have a very small circle of close friends. I value them because they understand me, respect me, and enjoy being in my presence. We laugh, we have fun, and sometimes we cry together. But no matter what, we support one another.

Friends you meet in virtual spaces do not count! These people might as well be robots for all they can do for you. You need to go outside, take a risk, smile, and laugh. Without this, you’re very likely to be lonely.

And if you are like me, you might feel undeserving of friends. (Some of us just feel that way sometimes.) But a friend from church told me last night that I need to see the good in myself. I need to take time each day to recognize what it is that makes me attractive to others. I recommend that each and every one of you do the same.

It’s healthy to love yourself…and be loved in return…by God, by family, and by friends.

If you choose to minimize your life this week, try narrowing your priorities down to the true, lasting, and important parts of your life. You’ll thank me later.


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