Palms and Qualms

I am trying to convince myself that I am not having second thoughts about de-cluttering my life. Several times throughout the day, I found myself wondering if it would just be easier to bring everything to Florida and rent rather than throw out everything I own and crash with my parents.

To those of you out there who shudder at the thought of moving back in with your parents, believe me, I get it. There were lots of moments this Easter weekend when I had my doubts. For as often as my parents laugh together, they fight together.

It’s also a matter of the sheer amount of stuff I have to get rid of. I give my parents credit. They are currently undergoing the massive task of preparing a 3-story, 4-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom suburban house for market. I only have one bedroom yet it feels as if I am drowning in “things”.

I have 4 bags of clothing I want to donate, but I’m too lazy to drive to Goodwill. I have 8 bags of trash from my kitchen, yet I’m too lazy to haul it down to the dumpster. Why? Because I know once I finish it won’t feel like much of an improvement, so why do it at all?!

Bags of Clothes

Here is what I have done:

  • Take 8 bags of garbage down to dumpster
  • Empty and sell desk
  • Empty and sell jewelry box
  • Sell recliner

Here is what I have yet to do:

  1. Take 4 bags of clothing to Goodwill
  2. Sell table, couch, chest of drawers, and end tables
  3. Clean out fridge and pantry
  4. Haul stuff from car up to apartment
  5. Pack up linens to keep and tossKitchen Trash
  6. Pack clothing, blankets, toiletries
  7. Fix walls (nail holes, etc.)
  8. Clean apartment

At least I have a month left.

My overall moving goal: “Leave with only enough to fill my car for one trip.”

In terms of living with my parents: I suppose that I’ve done it before and I can do it again. Besides, it will give me plenty of time to stash away some money—either for traveling or a down payment on a condo or house.

And, if I do decide to buy my own place, just imagine the fun I am going to have decorating it in a minimalistic style! A farmhouse-style table, big luxurious rugs, and a few choice pieces of art…

I’m so excited for this adventure!


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