Downsizing Your Jewelry 101

I did it, folks.

I went through my standing jewelry box and kept less than half of my collection. I even sorted everything into three piles: keep, donate, toss.

And guess what, smallest turned out to be the keep pile! Yippee! Small victories.

Luckily my jewelry collection consisted mostly of Forever 21 costume jewelry—nothing special. It was rather easy to part with, probably because I hadn’t worn most of it since high school. I did have a few expensive pieces, which I obviously kept. But most of it was trash. Just jewelry I’ve kept for years, but never worn.

In the collage above, the top left picture is what I decided to keep. Below is what I opted to donate, and the right is obviously the trash pile.

This is just one of the many selections of items I have yet to sort through. But at least the jewelry box is gone. I put all the jewelry I opted to keep inside another box. (Yes, I had multiple jewelry boxes for no reason.)

Tips I discovered for getting rid of jewelry:

  1. Try not to keep anything you haven’t worn in at least 6 months.
  2. If it has significant value, keep it or set it aside.
  3. Rings can pile up, follow rule 1.
  4. If it’s cheap and broken, toss it.
  5. If it’s expensive and broken, take it in for repair and then make your decision.
  6. Be cause its small, you can easily keep whatever jewelry you value without taking up much space. If you’re on the fence, keep it temporarily and decide later.

Jewelry is one of those unique possessions that holds a lot of value—if its made from gold or sterling silver. If you suspect that something could be sold instead of tossed, try selling it!

I’m personally striving for a set of jewelry I could wear any day of the week. A universal set of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. that could be worn with any item of clothing in my closet.

I’m slowly picking away at it though! I’ll get there soon!

Thanks for reading!


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