Minneapolis Mornings

The best mornings in Minneapolis have the following attributes:

  • Sunshine
  • Coffee
  • Bagels
  • Good book

This morning I replaced sunshine with clouds, coffee with Diet Coke, and a book with a free copy of City Pages. However, I did manage to get my bagel. So overall, not a completely disappointing a.m.

Morning Bagels

Desk Update

Also, I got a voicemail from the woman who bought my desk on Craigslist. If you read my previous post about selling that desk, you’d already know that she stiffed me $5 after I lowered my sell price by $20. She called to tell me that she will be mailing me a check for the remaining amount and that she apologizes for underpaying me; it was a mistake. I appreciated her honesty.

House Update

My father called this morning and new carpet has been installed in the house. For those who are new to my blog, my parents are selling their Minnesota home in order to buy a permanent house in Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. Carpeting was one of the last tasks to be accomplished before the house would officially go on the market.

Apartment Update

As for me, I gave notice on my little 1-bedroom apartment back in late-March. Since then, I have been wracking my brain trying to decide what to do with all my stuff. When I stumbled across a documentary on Netflix called, “Minimalism,” I knew exactly what I needed to do. But getting there has become a real pain in the ass.

What I need to do is get rid of everything that does not serve a purpose or provide value to my life.

Today’s Tasks:

  1. Sort through jewelry
  2. Under bed storage bins
  3. Place all “nostalgic items” on kitchen table for sorting later

As I sit here writing this, I am confident but slightly overwhelmed with how much I have yet to go through. There are so many possessions in my apartment that are associated with memories. How do you part with those? I found a post from another blog, “A Small Wardrobe,” that discusses how to part with items that bring nostalgia. However, this post doesn’t discuss any real tips or tricks for making decisions. I will be writing a post about parting with nostalgic items as soon as I figure out the answers myself.

If you have any questions about my process or why I am doing this, leave a comment and I will respond!


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