Donations versus Craigslist

Okay. Here comes a real life post. One that basically comes down to one thing: Venting.

So we all know what this blog is doing, right? It’s chronicling the drudgery that is decluttering my life. Let me just start by saying this: It is not glamorous. If you search anything to do with simplicity, some blogger is going to make it look like some hipster trend with Instagram-edited photos of coffee cups and sunrises. But that’s just not how it is.

Let’s describe my life for one moment: Messy.

I am currently sitting on the couch. With me are three pillows and a furry blanket. Next to me is a coffee table covered in the following things: a vase, a notepad, Benadryl (don’t ask), Easter candy, peanut M&Ms, two remotes, a pencil, napkins, more candy, a tape measure, a water bottle, and $35 in cash.

Out of all that crap, guess which one makes me the most mad right now. Surprise, it’s the $35.

Non-glamourous topic of the day: Selling your shit on Craigslist.

I’ve sold a total of three things on Craigslist now. If you read my earlier post, you’ll know that I re-homed my rabbit on Craigslist to a wonderful woman in Wisconsin who loved him as much as I did. Positive experience. I would give that experience 5 stars.

Second experience: I sold a sofa table for $10 to a young woman who likely just graduated from college. She and her brother stopped by and picked it up. We carried it downstairs, put it into the back of her car, she paid me the $10, and we all went home happy. Positive experience. Nothing bad happened. I would give that experience 4 stars.

Third experience. Here is where I start to question everything. I get an email from a nice (seemingly) woman who is interested in my writing desk. It’s a cute little 7-drawer desk with a glass top. I’ve had this desk for two decades, so its a little scratched in places and the glass is chipped.


However, this woman says she wants to ditch the glass and refinish the desk, so all good, right? On top of that, I’m only asking $60 for this desk, which is a steal because you can’t even pick one up at a thrift store for that cheap. So what happens? The woman comes by this evening with her husband. I (thankfully) brought the desk out into the hallway so they could see it and carry it downstairs. The woman looks it over, using a flashlight, and seems on the fence. Her husband keeps pushing her to make a decision and decides to counter offer me at $40. Honestly, I mostly wanted the desk gone and for someone to haul it down the three flights of stairs, so I (generously) accepted. The woman finally decides to buy the desk, so we start hauling it down. When we finally get everything loaded up, she hands me a wad of bills and apologizes for the singles. I honestly didn’t care as long as my money was there. But guess what I also didn’t do because my parents raised me to be considerate…I didn’t count it in front of them. But guess what I found out when I did count it. SHE STIFFED ME $5! Who does that after someone sells you a desk dirt cheap and even lowers the price for you?

At this point, I would have rather just rented a truck or paid someone to haul it out and junk it for me than to have sold my desk to people like that. I was so warm and kind to them. I even said they could put the glass top in the dumpster behind my building. I carried all the drawers down for them and was incredibly understanding throughout the whole process.

I really wish that kindness wasn’t returned by kind people being taken advantage of.

I have other items posted on Craigslist, but I am definitely not going to be as generous or kind this time. They better have money up front or it’s not going anywhere.

I give this experience 1 star, because they didn’t murder me.

Update: I did email the woman who bought my desk after I discovered she underpaid me. She felt really bad and is mailing me the full $60 amount requested in my Craigslist post.


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